me enredo en las cosas
me enredo en las cosas
me enredo en las cosas


Word on the Street

Aakash & Know Hope in Brooklyn.
One day late on this, but I came across this memento while cleaning out my things. Exactly 15 years ago, thanks to Congresswoman Maxine Waters, I and several other kids from the ghettoes of Inglewood were able to take a (heavily subsidized) trip across the country to Washington DC. It was my first time out of California, my first time in a hotel, my first time traveling outside of visiting family in Mexico. I remember it all being so exciting!! I’m eternally grateful for that opportunity I had so early in my life to see with my own eyes another part of this wonderful world. Thanks, taxpayers, you lit my fire!!!
"Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now."
Wisdom from Jack Kerouac (via explore-blog)

"My favorite moment is any time that a kid looks at me, and I can tell from the look in his eye that he wants to be a musician. Yesterday I gave a drumstick to a kid with a mohawk, and from the excitement in his face, I could tell that he’d never need drugs and alcohol as long as he could play music."
LA Conservancy Gives Inglewood an F